Select your favourite design, choose the required quantity, and enjoy a hassle-free experience! With Printables, you get to maximize your time, increase productivity,and obtain your preferred product with ease.

Printables offers personalize design, you get to create your own sets of lunch boxes that is one of a kind. Speak to us for more information. 

Premium Quality Box Measurement of the box: 

  • 150mm (Length) X 100mm (Width)  X 45mm(Height)
  • 180mm (Length) X 120mm (Width)  X 50mm (Height)


Product Options

Lunch Box 2Lunch Box 3
Total : $ 97.80
150 x 100 x 45mm100$ 97.80
150$ 145.80
200$ 191.80
250$ 237.80
300$ 281.80
180 X 120 X 50mm100$ 125.80
150$ 185.80
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